My Story

I used to love Candles. Well, actually, I still do....but I love Scentsy more! They are safe around my child and I can leave them on all the time if I want to!!!!  The warmers come in such a variety of decor...and there are SO MANY fragrance choices! I am so excited about the opportunity to sell a product that I love and earn some extra money for my family at the same time! Between the warmers, bars, travel tins, scent circles, room sprays, scent paks and SCENTSY BUDDIES,  there really is something for EVERYONE! The Scentsy business opportunity is awesome.  I am not a big fan of direct sales but these products practically sell themselves...I don't have to be pushy at all!   Once people see the warmers and smell the scents, they fall in love with the products! The company is amazing too. Their philosophy is simply to give more than you take. What a concept! I joined in September of 2009 and within a year I was promoted to Director. I have an amazing team and we enjoy sharing Scentsy with everyone we meet! If you are interested in getting FREE Scentsy products, click on the "Host" tab at the top of this page and sign up to host a Scentsy event: You can have a Scenty party, a open house, a "basket/book" party or an online event!!!Contact me anytime about hosting a party - I'd love to help you earn FREE Scentsy products!!I am so happy to be a part of such a growing company.  If you are interested in starting a SIMPLE, FUN and EXCITING home-based business that you can work around your family and already busy lifestyle, check out the "Join" page on this website and then contact me about joining my team - I'd love to answer all your questions! <!--endbody-->